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THE BEST trading mentor. Always helpful and the analyzes are top notch. I have been able to multiply my investment with his guidance. This is the best group I’ve ever been in. I am very grateful for the things I learned from him and the information he shares.

Damyan Donchev

The whole experience is amazing. The mentor is extremely acquainted with the matter and his help is very needed and appreciated. In times of uncertainty his guidance is assured.

Евтихий Махеров

I’m very pleased with the quality of education the mentor provides us – all the videos, analyses and trades are top level. He is also very responsible and always thinks the best for his group!

Тони Златев

I am one of the first members of the group, it was created almost a year ago. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about the forex and crypto market. The information is given nicely by a way that everyone can understand it, even the newbies who don’t have a clue about the market at all are getting it. We receive daily analyses about the market and everyone of us in the group is making profits.

Denis Stefanov

Hi, this group really helped me beter my trading skill and also made me think more profound of the markets with daily price action analysis that everyone can understand even if you are just strarting with forex/crypto. It really helped me step up my game and from timid intermediate level trader, to confident and decisive one. Also really helped with stress around crashes. The mentor really made sure that we know what was really happening and to not be scared. 5 stars from me.

Tsvetelin Iliev

The first place where i started learning about trading. Small and friendly community, and the mentor is always top notch, giving us up to date analysis of the forex & crypto market, with a variety of good trading entries. Information is very well presented with training videos included as well! Thanks lads! 5/5 !


The most helpful, educational and motivational mentorship I have ever met. The mentor absolutely manage to provide us with accurate and beneficial information and analysis every single day.

Moni Mihaylov

Our Mentor has given us rare insights and insider information about crypto, trading and new emerging investment opportunities. I have been able to multiply my investment with his guidance. Thanks!!

Ficho Stainov

The best group ever. This is something I can not explain with words. The best Mentor ever. RESPECT 🙏🙏

Blagoy Petrov